Model 8390 Sewing | Quilting Cabinet

Model 8390 is specially designed with your BERNINA in mind. One new feature is the embroidery module slide-out that is custom-designed to store (NEW GENERATION) BERNINA 5, 7, and 8 series embroidery modules. The swing-up table has been redesigned into a custom hooping station with a bracket for your hoop and a special cut-out for easy hooping.





Open:    85-1/2” Width  65-1/4”  Depth  29-3/4”  Height


Closed: 64”  Width  25-1/4”  Depth  29-3/4”  Height


Weight: 312 lbs.


Small Drawer: 8-1/2" Width x 14-3/4” Depth x 5-1/4” Height


Large Drawer: 8-1/2" Width x 14-3/4” Depth x 10-3/8” Height



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